FAQ for Clients

MyMind aims to make therapy affordable, convenient and accessible to the Australian population. It also aims to supplement traditional forms of therapy, to assist individuals and families to lead happier and fulfilling lives. Clients can message their matched therapist 24/7 and be expected to receive at least daily (Mon-Fri) replies from their therapist either through text, audio or a live video consultation.

Therapists can assist with the below most commonly presented issues:


Please note, that MyMind is not suitable for clients who have severe mental health illnesses. Please see your GP and organise to see a therapist in person if you suffer from a severe mental illness. Please call emergency services on 000 if you are suicidal or in a life threatening situation.

Yes, an adolescent who is aged between 13-17 can use MyMind therapy, if their parent/guardian has given audio or video consent AND text consent, with the matched therapist in front of the adolescent. The adolescent’s privacy and confidentiality will still be maintained, and parents/guardians will only be contacted if there is a pertaining issue of risk/safety involved through the use of the inbuilt emergency protocols. If you have any questions about this process or the legal requirements therein, never hesitate to contact Customer Support!

No unfortunately not. This service is not affiliated with Medicare or Insurance agencies.

Yes! All therapists at MyMind are registered therapists with a minimum of 3 years clinical experience post graduation and are currently registered with their professional health associations. We do not have therapists who are interns of trainees.

Yes! There is growing research that outlines the efficacy of online therapeutic conversations. Please see the below articles for reference:

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At MyMind privacy and confidentiality is extremely important to us. All chat data is highly encrypted with banking grade encryption and security certificates. MyMind also allows you to make a password and unique passcode for the app for additional security. Also, our iOS app uses Touch ID and Face ID on enabled devices. Please refer to the privacy policy for more details.

Our payment system is up to date with leading industry standards. All personal information is maintained and secured by a national payment processor. We never store any personal financial information ourselves.

We understand and appreciate your desire for removal of your personal information. We can always close your account so that it can no longer be logged into by anyone, but please be aware that the chat dialogues themselves cannot be deleted because the therapists are required Law to keep records on file for a few years.

MyMind is a subscription therapy service. All of our subscriptions are automatically charged on a monthly basis from the date of your sign up. There are no contracts whatsoever and you can cancel your plan anytime.

These are the current plans that are available:

  • Unlimited Text Messaging Therapy: $49/week for text and audio messaging. Your therapist will respond to you at least once a day through text/audio messaging, from Monday-Friday. (Billed as $196 monthly)
  • Unlimited Text Messaging Therapy Plus LIVE 30 minute Video Consultation:  $79/week for unlimited text, audio messaging + 30 minute LIVE scheduled video messaging/week. Your therapist will respond to you through text/audio messaging at least once a day, from Monday-Friday. (Billed as $316 monthly)

MyMind aims to offer everyone the best possible experience with our platform and therapists. If you’re ever not satisfied, you can request a new therapist through your account settings on your app.

MyMind acts as a conduit to arrange professional services, and those services are paid to the therapists through their Therapist Agreement with Talkspace. Generally refunds for unused time are not granted because the therapists charge for time that is scheduled to be used, much like other medical professionals. We make accommodations if unique or legal circumstances (medical, death, disability, court orders, etc.) dictate the reason for the refund request. If a refund is not granted, usually we are able to make accommodations some other way such as a credit for future service.

If there is something you believe we could do differently to improve your experience with MyMind, please let us know by contacting us at support@mymindtherapyapp.com.au

MyMind only accepts major debit/credit cards for online payment using the subscription service.

You are initially charged on the first day you join MyMind. Your plan will renew exactly one month from your first day or your last renewal, unless you cancel your subscription.

Yes! You will have the same therapist working with you. If you believe your therapist wasn’t the best match, you may request another therapist by contacting admin through your app.

You can cancel your subscription directly from the app. Log in and select cancel subscription from your settings function.

Once you complete your cancellation request, our team will promptly handle it. You will still be able to use the app until the end of the month, as that has been paid for upfront.

No, unfortunately not. You have 30 minutes each week to use with your therapist for a LIVE video consultation. If you miss one week, you will not be able to use the time missed at a different week. Your therapist will check in and remind you to use your video consult each week.

Any IOS or Android device on a smartphone or tablet.

FAQ for Therapists

Therapists could earn up to $4000/month supplemental income, depending on their case load. Please contact applicants@mymindtherapyapp.com.au for more enquiries. there is no cost to sign up as a therapist at mymind. you will not be an employee at mymind, and instead will be your own independent contractor.

You are expected to check in at least daily (Mon-Fri) to your allocated clients - as per the service agreement. Clients on a premium plan will also require a 30 minute scheduled live video consultation with the therapist. Clients also have the option of using inbuilt clinical tools of assessment that are built within the app. This includes the Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scale and a Mood Tracker.

It is optional for you to write treatment notes for each client on the app. However, this will be visible to any other therapist who provides therapy to the same client. All chat transcripts are backed up on the server for clinical record keeping guidelines by relevant professional bodies.

All therapists must be currently registered with their professional associations, with at least 3 years clinical experience post-graduation. Interns and trainees will not be accepted. All therapists must also have their own ABN and indemnity insurance before applying. Each of these requirements will be checked whilst assessing each applicant.

Clients are required to fill in a questionnaire. The responses of this questionnaire will be allocated to the best matched therapist using a unique algorithm. Therapist’s area of interest, expertise and availability will be taken into consideration.

You can manage your own case load and hours by adjusting your hours per week on the integrated app. There is no minimum requirement for how many clients you wish to work with at MyMind.

You will be paid once a month, based on the number of subscriptions and clients that were allocated towards you for that monthly cycle.